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I was a Software Engineering Intern at Viasat HQ in Carlsbad California during Summer 2018. I was part of the Product Test Engineering Department where my team and I were tasked to create an automated system to test Viasat's products.



I worked on an automation project where my team and I identified product test procedures that required human interaction. We developed a robotics system that tested the hardware and device and integrated it with Viasat’s existing TestStand infrastructure. I coded the entire system in Python and created a pipeline to LabView to interact with all the system’s components. I learned a lot about system design lifecycle and used formal tools such as agile and JIRA to document and keep track of workflows.

Also, I participated in Viasat's Hackathon. My team and I developed the theory behind an airplane mesh network which utilizes current planes to beam down an internet signal. I was in charge of modeling the real-time data and checking for actives connections and maximum capacity. I used a graph to present the system and calculated the maximum capacity and connections using network flow algorithms. My team won the Leader's Choice Award that was presented by Viasat's CEO, Mark Dankberg.

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Automated Robotic Front Panel Test


Automated Robotic PCB Test