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EE 302 Final Project

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This was the final project for the EE 302 Introduction to Electrical Engineering lab. The premise was to make a robot that would follow a random line and turn as the line turned and stop at the end of the track given a wall at the end of the track. Equipment for the motors and H bridge motor driver. The intelligence of the robot (controls and coding) was open ended.  The test occurred on December 2nd, 2017.

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The goal was to get to the end of the track given the limited resources. The robot utilized 2 photo resistors and LED lights under a cover to shield it from the varying light that would hit the course. The IR sensor constantly measured the distance between it and any barrier if the distanced measured cross a certain barrier, then the robot halted.  An Arduino UNO was used for the means of control and the drive chassis was assembled as per the required instructions.

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Keeshan Patel

Electrical/Computer Engineering Student

EE 302 Final Project: Meet The Team
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